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In the Studio

Cynthia Saari interviews Karen Reid for the Putnam Villager

March 11, 2022

"In the Studio" features artists from the Quiet Corner-home to many artists and makers, some of whom have national or international recognition for their work in fine art, handcraft, performing art, art education, and graphic art...

Read the full page in the Putnam Villager

Life Lines #1 30x40 Oil and Wax on Canvas.jpg


Don Munson: Re-Emergence of a Painter 

in Longmeadow Neighbors Magazine


March 2022

Don Munson graced the cover of Longmeadow Neighbors Magazine alongside a three page-spread for their March 2022 issue.

Read the full article in the March 2022 issue of Longmeadow Neighbors

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Storrs Library to feature work of local artist Donald Munson in March

February 24, 2022

Starting Tuesday, Storrs Library will host a month-long solo art exhibit by well-known local artist, Donald E. Munson, in the newly refurbished Betty Ann Low Room...

Read Christine White's full article on MassLive

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Erin Reid interviewed on WCCA TV's What It's Worth 

Episode #420 hosted by Tommy Colletta

September 8, 2021

Tommy Colletta is the host of WCCA TV What It's Worth show.

Tommy's guest is artist Erin Reid.

Watch the interview

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Local Artist Donald E. Munson Publishes Debut Memoir 

"A Voice Unheard, Edmund: An Artist's Journey"

May 20, 2021

Local artist, formerly of New York City, Donald E. Munson has recently published a novella-length memoir entitled, “A Voice Unheard, EDMUND, An Artist’s Journey.”...

Read Christine White's full article on MassLive

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Triangle Circle Square reviewed in Art New England Magazine March/April 2021 Issue

April 2021

In a year of strangling restrictions enforced by caution, fear, social pressure, and government mandates, an artistic practice embracing self-containment has a peculiar attraction...

Read the review

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Art New England Magazine highlights our launch in



September 22, 2020

(NE) New England artists launch EKD Gallery


(NE) On September 15, 2020, three generations of New England artists; Erin Reid, Karen Reid, and Don Munson launched EKD Gallery, a virtual gallery dedicated to sharing their distinct passion for color. The online platform was created over the course of six months, and serves as a space to showcase unique artistic connections and individual paths to creativity. Erin, Karen, and Don’s own works are inspired by Matisse, Pollack, Rothko, Albers, Diebenkorn, and Frankenthaler.

More info

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