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Three Generations

      Three Generations  is our Annual Landmark Show. An exhibition in which we celebrate our individuality and the bond that supports our creative pursuit, invention, respect in the often solitary creative pursuit of art.

       Three Generations  highlights the connection between our three generations as working artists. 

This exhibition marks our one year anniversary since opening EKDgallery. 

       A dynamic relationship between three artists that both compliment and contrast each other.

       Three Generations  is a virtual exhibition open September 7th to November 9th, 2021. 


       Enjoy.  All artworks are available for purchase.  Click image for details. 

                   Call us to make an appointment  774.262.3717

I explore working with the materialism of paint and canvas, with ‘remnants’ in my studio.  Painting, pouring, burning, shredding, and pasting are methods employed instead of touching the brush to canvas.  Crucial for the transformation of an idealist to the adult. Sitting with memories. Putting art together like a child.
Calico Skies, Erin Reid, painting
Holes in the Wall, Erin Reid
The Day you Died, Erin Reid, painting

I create work always hovering between abstraction and reality.  Solving an improvisational process. 

Gestural, explorations of memory and place.  A dance between me and the canvas.  The playfulness of color, form and line change the meaning of a painting.  Creating harmony is an organic process that fills my imagination. 


Harmony Karen Reid artist art
Response Karen Reid art artist
Karen Reid Blue Calm artist art
T 47 Karen Reid art artist
It's Internal Karen Reid art artist

My Paintings are my visual stories. Allegorical. The images are organic, architectural, graphic. 

Color directly out of the tube. Playful structured dancing. Allowing the viewer to optically explore. 


Don Munson ODE artist art
Don Munson Blue Jay art artist
Don Munson ONE art artist
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