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An Artist's Journey
A Voice Unheard
by Donald E. Munson

Don Munson's long-awaited novella is a poetic undertaking,

detailing his life and his ceaseless artistic path.

He writes,

"EDMUND is my autobiographical novella.
A passionate expression of self and art.
Art is a beautiful powerful voice unheard.
Both secular and spiritual, an allegory of life."


"Donald Munson is a poet singing the joy of nature,


a poem in visual terms. He has a personal style of great distinction."


-Eva Gatling, Ex. Officio, The Heckscher Museum


"His work assimilates, then transcends, to illuminate abstracted


essential truths with a masterful visual language..."


-Douglas P. Clement, Take Magazine


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May 17, 2021

EDMUND: A Voice Unheard by Don Munson
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