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Edges & Cutouts

EKDgallery  is delighted to present an intimate virtual show.  Henri Matisse’s infamous series of

cut-outs brought forth an amalgamation of innovation for fine art.  Erin, Karen, and Don present their personal approach to redefining their edges within and beyond the canvas.


Erin Reid cuts the painting right off the canvas.  The paintings are organic forms, walking and growing on the wall. 


In the likes of Robert Ryman, Karen Reid steps beyond her portals of sweeping color with the erasure of atmospheric white leaving the viewer to question whether they walk into the painting or

sit at the edge.  


Don Munson images combine his history in the design of typefaces with his daughter’s childhood drawings.  Combining together two generations of drawing and perception of the world creates an almost seamless conversation to Matisse’s masterful image-making.


On view from Tuesday May 4th - June 1st, 2021.


Enjoy!  Click the image for details.


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