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    Three generations share a distinct passion for color.  

Erin, Karen and Don are Apprentice, Journeyman and Master.


They each tell visual stories.  

    The three artists contrast and complement each other.  

Paintings use line, color, free forms, and architecture, and transforming these basics into emotional personal allegories.   

    They are motivated by the foundations set by 

Matisse, Pollack, Rothko, Albers, Diebenkorn, and Frankenthaler. 

   Erin, Karen and Don have established their own statements.  

They bring visual joy for you to immerse yourself in. 

    Purchase a powerful work 

"French Existence" charcoal on paper, 18" x 24," $1250



French Existence

Charcoal on Paper



"Wildwood" oil and wax on canvas, 30" x 30," $3000



Oil and Wax on Canvas 



"Windsor Station" acrylic on canvas, 30" x 30," $4500


Windsor Station  

Acrylic on Canvas



Erin N. Reid


“Translucent Figure Studies

with a scale that is determined to amaze the viewer,” 

Elaine Smollin

Worcester Art Museum


Solo Show

Acoustic Java

Group Shows


School of the Art Institute 

First Annual Collective Show, Silver Circle Gallery

Annual Members Show,

Ruth Wells Center 


Sprinkler Factory Gallery

About Face,

Arts Worcester

Spring Adult Exhibition, Worcester Art Museum

A Matter of Perspective,

Arts Worcester


Arts Worcester

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Karen L. Reid


"…is in dialogue with her canvas as color swims from her unconscious mind”.

Clark University


Solo Shows

Franklin Square Gallery, 

Mental Notes

Silver Circle Gallery,


Ruth Wells Art Center, 

Ten Years

J.K.Hair Company,


Booklover’s Gourmet,

Solo Show


Two Person Shows

Spiral Gallery,

Landscape & Abstraction 

Silver Circle Gallery,                Improvisation


Umass Memorial Hospital



Akoya Biosciences  

Nichols College  

Mercantile Center

Weiss & Hale  

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Donald E. Munson

“… a poet singing using color

and line to produce a poem…

a style of great distinction”.  

Eva Gatling - Ex Officio,

The Heckscher Museum

Public Collections

The Museum of Modern Art

Heckscher Museum

Hopkins Art Center at Dartmouth

Western New England College

University of Massachusetts

Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration 

(Don)…balances geometric

and biomorphic elements to create exquisite formal tensions in his paintings of flowing forms” 

Claude LeSuer - Art Speak   

Group Shows  - Twenty five

Solo Shows  - Fourteen

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